Kasco RobustAire Diffused Aeration


AireGuard Cabinet Technology Now Available in Two Cabinet Sizes

Kasco now offers RobustAire™ systems with Aire-Guard Cabinet Technology in Large and Medium compressor cabinet sizes. Using a new approach to airflow through the cabinet, systems are safeguarded from heat, dust, and debris, and are easier to keep clean and maintain. These new systems feature completely redesigned cabinets and provide air to 4 – 12 diffuser assemblies.

Read the press releases on the Medium Cabinets and Large Cabinets to learn more.

Kasco’s RobustAire™ systems are quiet and provide great aeration benefits in depths of 8 ft. or greater. A shore-mounted compressor pushes air through self-weighted lines to a dual-loop diffuser on the pond, lake, or tank bottom. The diffuser then continuously releases micro-bubbles that rise to the surface carrying large volumes of water.

This beneficial mixing increases oxygen transfer and improves water quality to eliminate thermal and chemical stratification, expand fish habitat, and more.

Warranty periods:

  • Diffuser: Lifetime
  • Cabinet: Lifetime
  • Tubing: 15 years
  • Compressor Motor: 3 years
  • Compressor Piston Cups & Cylinders: 2 years



For systems greater than 3 diffuser heads, please Contact Us



AireGuard Cabinet Technology
AireGuard Cabinet Technology tackles the biggest stressors on compressor operation: heat and dust. With this innovative design, air is immediately passed through an external filtration layer that removes excess dust and debris. Powerful fans then pull this clean air through the compressor, instead of across it, allowing the compressor to stay much cooler and operate at extreme efficiency. The dual-action filtering and air movement acts as a safeguard for the compressor motor and entire system, allowing RobustAire to provide a reliable source of mixing and movement to the water. 
This technology is offered in Kasco’s new Medium and Large Cabinets that operate 4 to 12 diffuser assemblies. Both cabinet sizes feature a sleek new look, external maintenance indicators, easy-to-remove panels for scheduled maintenance, quiet operation, and a paint color that seamlessly blends with the environment.” 

Cabinet Options

  • No-Cabinet (1-3 diffusers)
  • Post Mount Cabinet (1-3 diffusers) – For installations where compressor cabinets can be mounted above the ground
  • Base Mount Cabinet (1-3 diffusers) – For installations where compressor cabinets need at ground level
  • NEW Medium Cabinets (4-6 diffusers)
  • NEW Large Cabinet (7-12 diffusers)


All RobustAire™ diffused aeration systems are available with an optional remote manifold allowing the compressor to be installed up to a mile away from the water’s edge.

Packages include:

  • Diffuser assembly
  • Compressor mounting option
  • Compressor(s)
  • Some models include tubing (see cut sheet for details)

System Features:

  • Great for depths 8 ft. and deeper
  • 34% quieter than previous models
  • Large filters on compressors feature maintenance indicator alerting when cleaning is needed
  • No electricity required in the water
  • Speeds up organic decomposition
  • Creates open water, preventing ice damage
  • Designed for continuous operation

Additional information

Diffuser Heads

1, 2, 3

Compressor HP

1/4 HP, 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP


120V, 240V

Cabinet Type

No Cabinet, Post Mount Cabinet, Base Mount Cabinet

Remote Manifold



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