Water Quality Enhancement can be used to improve water quality and reduce organic load in your lake or pond.

  • Is a biological water treatment product developed specifically to enhance water quality
  • Can be used with Captain with no adverse effect on the bacteria

Typical Rate:  2-3lbs/acre-foot



Revive’s balanced blend of bacteria, bacterial enyzmes and nutrients binds available nitrogen and phosphorous in a water body, improving water clarity and reducing organic sediment buildup and odor.

  • Treats the cause of odor and sludge, not the symptom
  • Carries no restrictions on post-treatment water use
  • Produces noticeable water quality improvement in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Helps re-establish a healthy balanced aquatic ecosystem

A treatment program is initiated with three (3) pounds (6 packets) of Revive per acre foot and is continued as required by local conditions*. Maintain with additions of one (1) pound (2 packets) per acre foot at two week intervals until water temperatures fall in the winter. For best results, water should be at least 60°F and have pH of 6.8 – 8.8.


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