Airmax SilentAir Diaphragm Compressor Maintenance Kits



Product Details

The Airmax SilentAir Diaphragm Compressor Maintenance Kit is a replacement part for Airmax Shallow Water Aeration Systems. Over time, a reduction of bubbles or loss of bubbles from the diffuser plates is normal. Friction from moving parts inside the LR25 or LR50 compressors can cause the diaphragms to wear down or tear, reducing performance. We recommend installing a compressor maintenance kit once every 6-12 months to restore and keep your aeration system running to its maximum performance.

For longevity and maximum system performance, we also recommend changing the air filters (sold separately) once every 3-6 months to protect the compressor from contaminates and other debris.


Tech Specs

LR25 Maintenance Kit
LR50 Maintenance Kit
Compatible Systems Shallow Water Series
SW20 & AM10-SW
Shallow Water Series
SW40 & AM20-SW
Compatible Compressors Airmax SilentAir LR25 Airmax SilentAir LR50
Replacement Frequency Every 6-12 Months Every 6-12 Months


What’s Included?

• (2) Inner Diaphragms
• (2) Outer Diaphragms
• (2) Diaphragm Front Boards
• (2) Diaphragm Back Boards
• (4) Protective Washers

When to Use

We recommend installing a new maintenance kit in your diaphragm compressor once every 6-12 months depending on pond depth to ensure optimal performance. Replace diaphragms anytime you notice a reduction in bubbles at any of the diffuser plates or air at the compressor. For installation instructions view the literature or videos below.

Additional information

Select Model

510147 – LR25 Maintenance Kit, 510148 – LR50 Maintenance Kit


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