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Airmax SilentAir Maintenance Kits has everything you need to perform regular maintenance on Airmax rocking piston compressors. We recommend inspecting and replacing piston cups, O-rings, gaskets and other items that may get damaged from friction over time. Installing a piston maintenance kit every 12-18 months depending on running PSI will ensure optimum performance from your pond and lake aeration system.

Each kit includes piston cup(s), O-ring(s), cylinder gasket(s) and sleeve(s), leaf valves, and screws. Maintenance Kits are designed for all Airmax Aeration Systems including Shallow Water Series, Shallow Water HP Series, PondSeries, and LakeSeries models. Not sure what kit is right for your system? See below to view our maintenance kit reference guide.

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510108 : G25 (RP25 74R) 1/4 HP Maintenance Kit, 510510 : G25 (RP25 87R) 1/4 HP Maintenance Kit, 510109 : G33 (RP33 71R) 1/3 HP Maintenance Kit, 510111 : G33 (RP33 82R) 1/3 HP Maintenance Kit, 510115 : G50 (RP50 72R) 1/2 HP Maintenance Kit, 510511 : G50 (RP50 87R) 1/2 HP Maintenance Kit, 510512 : G75 (RP75 72R) 3/4 HP Maintenance Kit, 510541 : T75 (RP75) 3/4 HP Maintenance Kit, 510542 : T100 (RP100) 1 HP Maintenance Kit


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